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Established in 1990, we specialize in the production of tapioca pearls for the domestic and export markets. We insist on not using chemical starch but make avail of imported natural tapioca starch to make these pearls. All the raw materials are strictly controlled to ensure the customers are supplied with the freshest, safest, and most hygienic tapioca pearls.

In the tainted starch incident of 2013, most of the tapioca pearls manufacturers did not strictly control the raw materials, and used the chemical starch with maleic acid, which caused panic among the public. This incident made us insist on the importance of the raw materials. A strict check is very important, and because of this long-upheld concept, Hong Jie’s tapioca pearls do not use the chemical starch added with maleic acid and have, thus, become designated and used by the beverage industry in Taiwan and around the world. A professional manufacturer of tapioca pearls. We make every tapioca pearl with our heart because each of them represents Taiwan